As y’all know… We absolutely love philanthropy and being able to make a positive impact in our customers communities, as best we possibly can. 

We have once again teamed up with Joe from Little Mountain Print Shoppe to offer you our much anticipated Rural Route One Boutique Merchandise that will not only have you repping our little boutique, but you will also help us to support YOUR communities.

We will be using the funds raised from these preorder tshirt sales to help fund the oodles of donation requests we receive each month.

In JUST January of 2024 alone, we have received 8 donation requests from a wide variety of events. We are SO passionate about helping others & we felt this was an excellent way to help support our customers as they support us. It’s win win for everyone. :-) 

Purchasing our limited edition RR1B hoodies & tees will also help save you some $$ when you shop with us! When you wear your RR1B merchandise while shopping here at RR1B, you will receive 10% off your order for the day & you can use promo as many times as you would like! 

We hope that you will be as excited about these as we are. Thank you to all of our incredible customers!